Custom Application Development
to Fit Your Business

Custom Application Development
to Fit Your Business

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Custom Application Development

Technology that fits your business should be invisible. Don’t work around the system you have - let’s work together to create the custom application you need.

Web design

Web Applications

Need a website that does more than look pretty? Or a browser-based system to manage your internal systems? You’re in the market for a web application. Successful businesses use web applications to simplify business processes and enhance communications with their customers, vendors, and B2B partners. Your business has unique needs and functions - let’s join forces to create a mobile friendly web application that gives your customers and partners access to the best of what your business has to offer - from anywhere and on any platform.

Cloud Solutions

The cloud is one of the most powerful technology resources currently available. Finally, information can truly be available on demand. Use the cloud to do more every day by making the data that your business needs available where and when you need it through a secure browser-based cloud solution.


On-Premises Solutions

Some information simply needs to stay in-house. Privacy laws, regulations, and security concerns sometimes mean the best solution is right in your own server room.

Database Design

Behind every great application is a strong and flexible database. And behind every great application developer is a strong foundation in database design and optimization. Whatever the nature of the information critical to your business - storing it in a well designed database will make it more available when and how you need it the most.

Database setup

Back-End Integrations

These days, relationships between data systems and applications are almost as important to business as relationships between people. Web Services, APIs and Single Sign On (SSO) technology allow disparate systems to work together smoothly, providing B2B data integrations and a seamless experience for the joint customers of business partners.

.Net Stack Architecture & Open Source Framework

Need a .Net application to fit into your current architecture? No problem. Ready to dive into the Open Source world? Got you covered. Don’t know what any of that means and don’t want to? No worries there either. Both Tech and plain English are spoken here.

Web coding

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Custom Development Process

The approach to developing your application should be as customized to your business as the application itself.


Open and clear communication is the key to developing any successful application, and that begins with the development interview. At the core of every custom application is a challenge in search of a solution. Applications can sell products, provide a service, share information, even bring people together. But for an application to be successful, it must solve the challenge it was created to address. The development interview process should be designed to isolate and describe that challenge in detail.

Once the goal of the application has been clearly defined, a customized process will be cultivated utilizing agile and waterfall development principles as appropriate for your particular situation. Whatever development approach we take, you can be sure that you will always know exactly what is going on with the creation of your application and will have many opportunities for feedback along the way.

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The Logical Blonde

My name is Heather Witt.  I am the founder and owner of Logical Blonde LLC, a custom application development company.  From the moment I discovered databases and application programming (give it up for FoxPro for DOS), it was clear that this work was what I was meant to do.  That was more than two decades ago, and after years of varied experience creating complete systems for clients in all kinds of industries, I’ve picked up some skills and learned a few things about databases.  I would love nothing more than to work with you to apply that knowledge and experience to your custom application project.


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